I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for some professional assistance in selling my home. I would highly recommend your firm to any potential vendors considering selling their home. I would also recommend your firm to any potential purchasers wishing to purchase a home.

I would also like to thank Brad Archer for his highly professional conduct and feel I should mention he is a real asset to your team.

I was happy to have Brad handling the sale of my home and commend him on a job well done. With his bright and happy deposition he was able to make me feel more confident, optimistic, and hopeful. Selling and buying a home, as you would know is stressful occurrence and it helped so much having Brad handling the sale.

I found Brad to have a fantastic sense of humour, always polite, always punctual, and worked in with my wishes in response to how I wanted the sale handled as if he was selling his own home. He used respect and understanding of our situation, especially in regards to our valuable show dogs and potential buyers coming through.

Brad also returned phone calls promptly, something I found to be very polite in today’s world where normally calls are returned later, if at all. He gave me full reports and progress of the sale and input as I asked from potential buyers coming through for inspection. He answered all my queries in full, with confidence, and in a manner where there was nothing left unanswered.

I once again thank you all for everything and most of all, for your honesty, help, and I commend your work.

Yours truly,

Anne Muscat