I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your efforts in securing a successful sale of my property. I am very happy with the campaign that you conducted and the result that you were able to secure for me.

From the first meeting with Craig Burns, I formed a very high initial impression of an estate agent that was interested in providing a service rather than just providing a highly polished sales pitch to secure my business. Craig’s easy going style made me feel very comfortable and I found him easy to relate to, not being intimidating in the least. I judged that if I was so easily able to relate that any perspective buyer should feel as equally comfortable, which I believe is important when making these sort of important decisions.

My experience during the campaign did not diminish this initial impression, rather increasing it. The regular price updates from Craig, without being hassled about accepting low offers or dropping prices indicated that the initial assessment made by Craig was both fair and accurate as well as demonstrating that he had my best interests at heart rather than just being interested in a sale commission.

Finally, all the staff at the office have been both professional and courteous in all my dealings indicating that the company seems to be staffed with likeminded people with similar ethos.

I certainly would have no hesitation in recommending Burns Real Estate, and Craig Burns in particular to any of my friends or colleagues and although I don’t see a requirement in the near future they would certainly get my repeat business.

Scott Dutton